For the Record, I Did Not Say Americana...

would be cheap.  It won't be.

Turns out trying to sell my parts like this http://corvallis.craigslist.org/pts/2326064159.html isn't working out so hot.  Who knew?

New parts are on the way and should be here early May.  Lunati crank, Crower rods, ARP ring compressor, and an engine brush kit later, I'm $1361.95 poorer.



There is a way forward.  I called around and found out that Crower produces U.S. made connecting rods and Lunati U.S. made crankshafts.

Now I have to sell my Chinese parts and buy much more expensive American bits.

I'm a man of few principles, but this one is going to cost me.


Me Play Joke

Got the parts back from the machine shop on Monday.  I was unpacking them all this evening when I noticed a sticker on the connecting rod box.  "Made In China".

The joke's on me.

Crankshaft and connecting rods are both Chinese.  This will not do.

I refuse to let the heart of the engine be composed of Chinese metal.  I'm no racist, but it seems dead wrong to let a symbol of Americana be powered by China.  Although it may be an apt analogy for the state of things today, it sure as hell isn't representative of the '60s, and is a far cry from being representative of me.

And if cars are one thing to American men they are an extension of our personalities.  My personality says "Eff China".

Back to the shop to return some parts and get some American steel.


Head Case

Apparently the heads are near done and I should be able to take delivery on my parts come the middle of next week.

Yikes!  It was nice having a break.  Back to work.