It's Like Meeting Gandalf

Soooo, I'm back. Well, I've always been here, really. I was just busy paying off a motorcycle and a motorhome. And because I now live in said motorhome, I don't have a garage in which to work on my Camaro...

In the meantime I have been gather information and talking to motorheads.

Strike that. I've been talking to THE Chevy motorhead. My friend's dad has built over 200 performance engines and is in the middle of building up a hell of a 327.

Some notes on what he told me:

  • Figure out the specs on my cam. To do this I need to call Bob Forrest in Corvallis and get some numbers.
  • Use Lucas Hotrod and Classic Car oil. Use their break-in oil for the break-in period... the break-in is a critical time in the life of an engine, he says.
    • Speaking of break in, when I first crank it up, it should stay running at relatively high rpms for about 20 minutes.
  • He thinks stock pushrods would be fine.
  • Get Scorpion roller-rockers.
  • User emery paper to help guide the pistons in, when I get there.
  • Don't get a single-wire alternator. Git the full 3 wire one.
  • .411 gears with a 5 speed should be sufficient to get decent highway driveability.
I'll post more as things get back rolling again... probably late summer when I have access to a garage once again.