What is You, Ignorant?

Indeed, I am.  I called Jegs a couple weeks ago to talk parts.  After the call I wrote this e-mail:

To Whom it May Concern,

I’d like you to know that I sympathize with two undeniable facts:
      1I don’t know much about cars, in fact the blog I keep detailing the restoration of my car is called “Doing It Wrong” because I’m undertaking this project as a learning experience, and I’m bound to get a lot of things wrong.
      2) Everyone has bad days… and usually when that happens customers complain.  And it’s a rare thing when a customer compliments a good thing rather than points out a bad one.
That being said, my service today was less than helpful.

I’m building a 383 from a small block Chevy and was informed by the machine shop that because I’m switching to a manual from an automatic that I’ll need a flywheel and pressure plate.  Having focused my attention on the engine alone, I hadn’t put any effort into researching what flywheel and pressure plate combo would be right for me (or what sizes they come it, what manufacturers make them, etc).  Hoping to get some guidance from one of your associates, I called Jegs this afternoon.

After conveying that I intend to switch to a manual, am building 383 and admitting that I don’t know anything about flywheels and pressure plates, I was met with, “So you don’t know what you’re building?”.  Which, I admit, is partially correct.  I really don’t know anything about the interface between the transmission and the engine, which is part of the reason why I called. I’m no expert, but your company claims to employ them.  What I needed what guidance; what I got was indignation.

As I stated, I don’t know much, and my ignorance of the subject surely impacted my ability to communicate my needs.  What I do know is that when I’m helping someone who is not as technically advanced in a subject as I am I ask questions and try to explain terms in as basic a fashion I can without sounding condescending.  I often use the phrase “is all of this clear?”, or “can I explain any of that further?”  I would hope that building a relationship with your customers who are trying to foster a budding hobby that could potentially lead to future orders would be a priority for your company.  Today’s service does not seem to indicate that.

I hope your business is doing well in these harder economic times and I hope that future customers’ needs are better met than my own.
I was called back within the hour, and directed to a senior tech guy, who was nice enough.  Although, I didn't have enough money to get all the parts, so I'm waiting till my tax return comes.


On The Fly

Talked to the machine shop.  I need a fly wheel and a pressure plate for the proposed transmission so they can balance my stuff (when Bob gets better).

I didn't really know what those things were till I looked at this.

Time to call the parts guys (probably Jegs).