Off the Cuff

Took the crank and rods in to the machine shop today.  Turns out that I need to bring all the bits attached to the crank, which are (off the top of my head, and therefore may not be exhaustive): the fly wheel, harmonic balancer, bearing, piston rings, pistons, and the timing sprocket.

Oh, and it turns out the proprietor of the store has torn his rotator cuff and is going to be home for at least a week.  So the parts may be in limbo for a while...


I'm Baby Steppin'

... I'm doin' the work!

I went to the machine shop today to drop off the crank and connecting rods, and talk about the crank timing issue.  But, the sign on the door said "Be right back", and I was late to work, so it will have to wait till next week.


Back In The Saddle Again

Enough hiatus; motorcycle weather has long past; heart on the mend... time to organize the garage.