The Remains of the Day

I've missed my first milestone deadline.

My goal was to have a drivable car as of today.

In some ways I am disappointed I did not meet my goal.  In others I feel it is an acceptable "slip" in the date.

The Chinese parts debacle caused a month of lost time, and some personal developments made me lose motivation to work on the car causing further delays.  As my boss says, "life happens".  I think this is his euphemism for "shit happens".  Indeed it does.

Current state of affairs:

  • Engine heads are rebuilt and clean with new .194 exhaust valves
  • Engine block is decked and planed and ready for parts
  • I have American replacement crankshaft and rods
  • The new parts need to be balanced
  • I need to sell my Chinese parts/transmission/old intake manifold
I feel I'll muster the will/money to continue in the following couple of months.